Thursday, December 16, 2010

Coming Back Stronger

This is a true story written about the football player Drew Brees life having been injured and his struggle to make it back to professional football. It is not only well written but inspiring as well. We all face hard times and it is good to be reminded that through hard work and faith in God that we can push through them. They also give you a look into his life overall. Adventures of his childhood, attending and playing football for Purdue University (boiler up!) meeting his now wife, and his child. I think that it is good to get a reminder that professional sports players are not all convicts, or men who cheat on their wives as it is portrayed in the news. Drew Brees is a great Christian role model for everyone no matter their age.

I would have liked to see a bigger focus on the gospel. I just got the feeling that it was centered around the philosophy ‘God helps those who help themselves’. Which in certain situations I do agree with, but there are some times and instances when we must wait and be patient on God to act. What we feel is right and what needs to be done may not truly be a part of God’s plan at all.
I will say, that I am by no means a football fan, but was simply looking for something to read  to burn off time. I was happy with the book for what it was, and will be recommending it to friends that I know are football fans, but I would most likely not read it again.

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