Friday, December 2, 2011

Beneath The Night Tree

Beneath the Night Tree is another book that has long awaited my review! In this book the main character, Julia is balancing a very difficult schedule. She is a mother, takes care of her younger brother, works, and is back at school. She is blessed to have her grandmother around, but with her grandmother only getting older she is struggling. Julia is trying to hold together her family, and her long distance relationship with her boyfriend who holds the promise of things becoming more permanent. Everything is tossed upside down when the father of her son reenters the picture asking if he has a child. She is a Christian, and begins to address her life the way God would have her live it. I think this book is promising to other single moms out there. The characters can make you feel as though they are apart of your life and are easy to engage with. Keep in mind that this is a part of a series! Make sure you read the others along with it. I feel like after I had done so I was able to get more wrapped up in the storyline.
I received this book from Tyndale in exchange for my unbiased review!

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